Developing a detailed plan for the inevitable exit of your business is crucial

Consider the statistics:*

100% of business owners will leave their businesses, whether planned or otherwise.

79% of business owners plan to exit their businesses in the next 10 years.

80% of owners believe that a successful exit will result from planning and action items they implement.


17% of owners have created a written exit plan … and it takes at least 3 to 5 years to develop one.

What will it be for you?

Partner with an experienced exit planner

The financial advisors at Zeller Kern are credentialed and experienced, and can help you turn this important event to your best advantage. When it’s time to sell your business or transfer ownership to your family, or key employees, Zeller Kern can help you plan and implement your business succession strategy. This complex process has many considerations, including careful assessment of personal needs and goals, business valuation, continuity planning, developing a tax-efficient transfer strategy, and timing of the exit – all of which takes careful consideration and time.

Using the Seven Step Exit Planning Process™** we gather extensive data about your company, assess your personal needs and wishes, construct a comprehensive exit plan, and help you implement the plan. We bring in selected professionals as needed, such as CPAs, estate and business transaction attorneys, business valuation experts, business brokers and mergers and acquisition/investment bankers. The end result is a comprehensive business exit plan that thoroughly addresses:

The business owner’s needs, goals and objectives

The most suitable corporate structure

A business valuation

Coordination of sales to third parties or transition to an insider

Retention strategies for key employees

Tax-efficient succession strategies

Considerations for timing of the sale or succession

Your business exit plan is only a good as the talent, skills, and experience that your team brings you. We believe that Zeller Kern’s exit planning team consists of some of the most talented and experienced consultants in the country.

Request more information on our business exit/succession strategies, including fees.

*Source: Business Enterprise Institute 2017

**The Seven Step Exit Planning Process is a trademark of The Business Enterprise Institute

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