Focused Wealth® Legacy Planning

Preserving your family wealth and well being for generations

Far too often, when the accumulated wealth of an individual or family passes to the next generation, it disappears, taking with it family harmony and leaving behind bitter and disillusioned heirs. Seventy percent of estate planning, no matter how carefully crafted, fails within the first two generations because of the lack of a provision for long-term succession. Most strategies fail to recognize that the assets of an estate include not only physical wealth, but also human and intellectual wealth. The “physical wealth” is the hard assets that support the family members. “Human wealth” is our relationships with family, friends, co-workers and community. “Intellectual wealth” is our ability to think, our knowledge and our capability to acquire wisdom.

Consider the “rags to riches” scenario. The first generation uses energy, creativity, and gutsy intuition to achieve the wealth. The next generation betters itself with education and dedication to the business. By the third generation, there is nothing left to do and the heirs devote their time to spending the fortune with little thought of creating wealth. By the fourth generation, this ill-thought-out behavior has returned the family to rags.

What went wrong?

Zeller Kern facilitates a process for helping our clients avoid this devastating situation. Our Legacy Planning Process shows you how to preserve your wealth through generations by utilizing the intellectual wealth of family members to prepare for the demands of the future. Our legacy planning team and resources include top family consultants and advanced estate advisors in the country who have consulted families of some of our nation’s highest wealth.

We offer a cooperative partnership between you, your family, and Zeller Kern. The process is designed to help you connect the purpose of your life with your wealth. The procedure determines how best to use your wealth to strengthen your family and make a positive impact on your community country and world for many generations.

An intensive coaching and consulting service, this process starts you on a journey to identify your individual and family purpose and create a family culture that enhances successful wealth transfer, family closeness and joy. Steps include financial and estate planning, family retreats, family meetings, and a family council. If you have other financial and legal advisers in place, we can bring them into the process. You will examine advanced legal and financial strategies, and explore how your family members can learn to take leadership roles in the management of family wealth. When you finish the process, you will have taken positive steps to strengthen your family and create a legacy that helps preserve your family’s physical, human, and intellectual wealth for many generations.